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Rovinj – a hidden jewel on Istrian peninsula. Rovinj is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns on the Croatian coast because of its unique appearance and its wonderful natural surroundings. The 67 kilometer long coast, 2,289 hectares of protected greenery, 14 islands, islets and rocks as well as a unique ancient town center, make Rovinj unique. It developed in the tradition of a small fishing town under the watchful eye of its patron saint, Sv. Eufemija (St. Euphemia), with a distinctive form of boat, the batana, and the recognizable bitinada songs. Its beauty is especially valued by artists who painted the most beautiful motifs of this town and exhibited them in Grisija – the street of artists.
Rovinj offers numerous possibilities – walking in the wonderful natural surroundings, recreational sports, discovering hidden beauties, cultural heritage, and archaeological sites, tasting some of the Rovinj delicacies…

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