Inspiration Croatia

Natasa Lovric – Owner / Travel Advisor

Natasa is a born Montenegrin, a small country neighboring to Croatia, where she spent majority of her childhood years. Her mother being from Dubrovnik and having still many relatives here, she decided to move to Dubrovnik, a town by which she was always charmed. After getting her master’s in Public Relations, she started working at the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and her work experience continued with one of the most recognized hotels in Dubrovnik, hotel Villa Dubrovnik. For the past several years, Natasa is proudly showcasing Montenegro and Croatia, countries full of culture, tradition and natural beauty. Her gathered experience from the hospitality industry enables her to make validated hotel recommendations to our clients. 
Favorite Croatian Food: Lamb and vegetables prepared under the iron bellFavorite Croatian getaway: Šipan island 

Travel tip: Learn few local words prior to your arrival, you might be pleasantly surprised about the outcome 


Paula Grkovic – Travel Advisor 
Paula is born and raised in Dubrovnik and just watching the river of tourists year after year she decided that one day her job will be just that. Help them see the best there is in Croatia. Lived for 4 years in Opatija, while studying at Faculty of tourism and hospitality. After gaining knowledge came back and gained experience in few of the most luxurious hotels in Dubrovnik, such as Bellevue and Villa Dubrovnik.
Favorite Croatian Food: Šporki makaruli ( Dirty macaroni) a traditional dish in Dubrovnik often served on the feast day of the City’s patron saint, St. Blaise. The dish dates back to the days of aristocracy in Dubrovnik when the wealthy would, after having eaten all the best meat, mix the remaining meat sauce with macaroni for their servants)
Favorite Croatian getaway: Opatija

Travel tip: Credit cards are widely accepted in Croatia, but it is always very good to have some local currency with you at all times as some of the smaller shops and local taverns may be cash payment only.