Inspiration croatia

...Experience harmony, treasury, world maritime power,
history,imagination etched in stone...

… picturesque quality, celebration of life, gifts of nature, unique gastronomic quality…..

...Croatia has always been a place of true inspiration...


Inspiration Croatia 

Inspiration Croatia is a boutique tour operator specialized in curated private journeys through Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. 
The inspiration of offering memorable travel experiences started seven years ago in Dubrovnik, the Adriatic Pearl, where we are based to this day. 
We were never inspired by the „off-the-shelf“ itineraries offered by various and numerous travel agencies; our aim was from the first day to create journeys that will be tailored to specific wishes and interests of our clients. Your aspirations, desires, customs in travel and personality are our inspiration when curating itineraries that are to turn to your long lasting memories. To reach our mission our continuously valid goals were:  
•Get to really know and understand every corner of our beautiful country and region – feel its pulse
• Build genuine relationships with all the accommodation providers and little entrepreneurs who bring in great efforts in creating something special, setting high standards in product and service quality, yet keeping the warm, hospitable, uncommercial connection 
• Taking the time of enjoying to get to know our clients, listen to what they are saying and connecting the dots on what it is that would make an exceptional journey to them
• Not fall under the market pressure of becoming mass-commercial-impersonal operation with no heart and soul
• Have our eyes and ears always wide open on all new regulations, special events, changes 
• And finally, combining all the above noted, forming ourselves to a trustworthy, knowledgeable, approachable, objective and genuinely carrying travel advisor 

We are a bunch of highly passionate professionals and we hope you will recognize this while scouting through our web-site.